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    Rupp House and Tannery

    Rupp House and Tannery

    The John Rupp family owned this property, lived in the house next door and operated the tannery. Their tannery was occupied by confederate sharpshooters during the three day battle. The family home was heavily damaged during the intense sniper fire of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July in 1863 and was torn down in 1868. They built a gothic revival mansion on the site which is there today.

    “Our men occupied my porch, and the Rebels the rear of the house”.

    Source: A Sentimental Journey Bed & Breakfast Gettysburg, PA House History (

    Quote: excerpt from the letter from John Rupp to his sister Anne dated July 19th, 1863.

    On barn siding.